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4 1935




Short title.

1. —This Act may be cited as the Shannon Fisheries Act, 1935.


2. —In this Act—

the expression “the Minister” means the Minister for Industry and Commerce;

the expression “the Board” means the Electricity Supply Board;.

the expression “the Act of 1925” means the Shannon Electricity Act, 1925 (No. 26 of 1925);

the expression “the Act of 1927” means the Electricity (Supply) Act, 1927 (No. 27 of 1927);

the expression “the Shannon fisheries” means all fisheries and fishing rights which are for the time being vested in the Board in or over the waters of the River Shannon or any part thereof;

the expression “the waters of the River Shannon” means the River Shannon from the source to an imaginary line drawn from the Ordnance Trigonometrical Station at Kilconly Point in the townland of Kilconly North, in the Parish of Kilconly, Barony of Iraghticonnor, and County of Kerry, to Kilcredaun Point in the townland of Kilcredaun in the Parish of Moyarta, and County of Clare, and every river and stream tributary to the River Shannon above the said imaginary line, and every lake, pond, and canal on or connected with the River Shannon above the said imaginary line, or on or connected with any such tributary, river, or stream;

the expression “the waters of the Shannon fisheries” means all waters in which there exists a fishery or fishing right for the time being included in the Shannon fisheries;

the expression “the Shannon hydro-electric works” means the works constructed (whether before or after the passing of this Act) by the Minister or the Board under statutory authority on, in, or in the neighbourhood of the River Shannon for or in connection with the production and generation of electricity by means of hydraulic power.

Expenses of the Minister.

3. —All expenses incurred by the Minister in the execution of this Act shall, to such extent as shall be sanctioned by the Minister for Finance, be paid out of moneys provided by the Oireachtas.