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Rules For Confirmation of Provisional Orders.

1. A copy of the provisional order shall, with all convenient speed, be given by the sanitary authority making the relevant proposal to every person who duly made an objection to such proposal, together with a statement that the provisional order may be confirmed unless a petition praying that the provisional order shall not become law without further inquiry is presented to the Circuit Court by any of such objectors within a period of five weeks from the date when such copy was given to him.

2. Any such objectors may, before (but not after) the expiration of five weeks from the date when such copy of the provisional order was given to him, present to the Circuit Court the petition mentioned in the next preceding rule.

3. A copy of every petition in relation to the provisional order presented under these Rules shall be sent by an officer of the court to the Minister, and, if any such petition is withdrawn notice of the withdrawal shall also be so sent.

4. Every petition in relation to the provisional order which is presented under these Rules and is not withdrawn shall be heard at the first sitting of the court held after the expiration of one week from the date when such petition was presented or of (where a period is prescribed) the prescribed period, or at such later date as the court may direct, and upon such hearing the court may either confirm or disallow the provisional order.

5. Where no petition in relation to the provisional order is presented under these Rules, or where every such petition is withdrawn, the Minister may, without further inquiry, confirm the provisional order.

6. When confirming the provisional order, the court or the Minister (as the case may be) may either confirm the provisional order without amendment or make any alteration in the relevant proposal which the Minister could have made when making the provisional order and amend the provisional order so as to relate to such proposal as so altered and confirm the provisional order as so amended.

7. The jurisdiction conferred on the Circuit Court by these Rules shall be exercised by the judge thereof having jurisdiction in the circuit in which is situate the place at which a supply of water is to be taken tinder the relevant proposal.