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16 1945



Miscellaneous Provisions.

Exclusion of certain persons from racecourses.

39. —(1) A Governing Body may by order (in this section referred to as an exclusion order) prohibit a person from being (at the election of that Governing Body) either on any of the racecourses, at which are held races the holding of which requires the sanction of that Governing Body, or on such of those racecourses as that Governing Body think fit and specify in the order.

(2) A Governing Body may revoke any exclusion order made by them.

(3) Where a Governing Body make an exclusion order they shall cause notice of the making of the order to be sent by registered post to the person to whom the order applies and to the executive of each racecourse to which the order relates.

(4) Where an exclusion order is made and any person to whom the order applies is found on any racecourse to which the order applies, any person acting under the direction of the executive of that racecourse may remove such first-mentioned person therefrom and for this purpose may use such force as may be reasonably necessary.

Regulations in relation to executives of authorised racecourses.

40. —(1) The Board, after consultation with the Governing Bodies, may by regulations provide for regulating the manner in which authorised racecourses are to be managed and controlled by the executives thereof.

(2) The Board may by regulations provide—

(a) for requiring executives of authorised racecourses to keep such books, accounts, and records as may be prescribed,

(b) for requiring executives of authorised racecourses to furnish to the Board such returns and information as may be prescribed,

(c) for the production of books, accounts, and records relating to authorised racecourses by the executives thereof,

(d) for the inspection of and taking extracts from books, accounts and records kept by executives of authorised racecourses.

(3) Regulations under this section may be so made as to apply either to the executives of authorised racecourses generally or to the executive of any particular authorised racecourse or racecourses, and different regulations may be made in relation to the executives of different authorised racecourses.

(4) If the Board is of opinion that the executive of an authorised racecourse to which any regulation made under this section is applicable has contravened (by act or omission) that regulation, the Board may report such contravention to the appropriate Governing Body, and thereupon the said Governing Body shall in respect of the executive of such authorised racecourse take such disciplinary action and impose such disabilities and penalties as they consider proper under the Rules of Racing in Ireland and the Irish National Hunt Steeplechase Rules.