21 1959



Interpretation of “bank”, “banker” and “bankers' books”.

Section 2 .

9. (1) In this Act the expressions “bank” and “banker” mean any of the following:

(a) the Bank of Ireland, the Hibernian Bank, Limited, the Munster & Leinster Bank, Limited, the National Bank, Limited, the National City Bank, Limited, the Northern Bank, Limited, the Provincial Bank of Ireland, Limited, the Royal Bank of Ireland, Limited, and the Ulster Bank, Limited;

(b) any other person who is the holder of a licence issued under section 47 of the Central Bank Act, 1942 (No. 22 of 1942);

(c) the Post Office Savings Bank;

(d) the Cork Savings Bank, the Dublin Savings Bank, the Limerick Savings Bank, the Monaghan Savings Bank, and the Waterford Savings Bank.

(2) Expressions in this Act relating to “bankers' books”—

(a) include any records used in the ordinary business of a bank, or used in the transfer department of a bank acting as registrar of securities, whether comprised in bound volumes, loose-leaf binders or other loose-leaf filing systems, loose-leaf ledger sheets, pages, folios or cards, and

(b) cover documents in manuscript, documents which are typed, printed, stencilled or created by any other mechanical or partly mechanical process in use from time to time and documents which are produced by any photographic or photostatic process.

(3) A certificate which—

(a) purports to be signed by an officer of the Revenue Commissioners, and

(b) certifies that a licence was issued under section 47 of the Central Bank Act, 1942, to a specified person and authorised him to carry on banking business from a specified day until the next following 31st day of December,

shall be prima facie evidence of the licence for the purposes of this Act, and it shall not be necessary to prove the signature of the officer or that he was in fact an officer of the Revenue Commissioners.