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15 1960



Additional Paragraph to be included in Note or Memorandum of Hire-Purchase Agreement relating to a Motor Vehicle.

Section 16.

4. Paragraphs 1 and 2 above relating to the owner taking back the goods are modified as follows in the case of any motor vehicle (this includes a tractor):

(a) the owner is entitled to enforce any right which he may have under this agreement to enter on any premises of the hirer (other than a house used as a dwelling or any building within the curtilage thereof) for the purpose of taking back the vehicle,

(b) where the owner has made an application to the Court for an order to recover possession of the vehicle, he may, if the vehicle has been abandoned or has been left unattended in circumstances likely to result in damage to, or more than normal depreciation in the value of, the vehicle, and if the agreement so provides, take back the vehicle and retain possession of it during the ensuing period prior to the making by the Court of an order for the purpose of protecting the vehicle from damage or depreciation.