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27 1993



General Provisions Relating to Decisions and Appeals

Appeals — oral hearings.

[1990, s. 19(b)]

270.—Notwithstanding section 257(2), where the Minister or a person designated by him considers that the circumstances of a particular case warrant an oral hearing of the appeal, the Minister or any person so designated by him may direct the Chief Appeals Officer that the appeal be determined by way of an oral hearing.

Appeals to High Court.

[1981, s. 299 (b); 1993, s. 31(1)]

271.—Any person who is dissatisfied with—

(a) the decision of an appeals officer, or

(b) the revised decision of the Chief Appeals Officer,

on any question, other than a question to which section 265 applies, may appeal that decision or revised decision, as the case may be, to the High Court on any question of law.

Certificate by deciding officer, appeals officer or officer of health board.

[1981, s. 301]

272.—A document purporting to be a certificate of a decision made pursuant to this Act by a deciding officer or an appeals officer and to be signed by him shall be prima facie evidence of the making of the said decision and of the terms thereof, without proof of the signature of such officer or of his official capacity.

Revision to include revision consisting of reversal.

[1993, s. 31(1)]

273.—A reference in this Part to a revised decision given by a deciding officer or an appeals officer or a revised determination given by an officer of a health board includes a reference to a revised decision or determination which reverses the original decision or determination.