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39 1997



Corporation tax

Collection of corporation tax.

[CTA76 s145(1) and (2)]

973. —(1) The Collector-General shall collect and levy the tax from time to time charged on all assessments to corporation tax of which particulars have been transmitted to him or her under section 928 (1).

(2) All such powers as are exercisable with respect to the collecting and levying of sums of income tax under Schedule D of which particulars are transmitted under section 928 (1) shall extend with respect to sums of corporation tax of which particulars are transmitted under that section.

Priority for corporation tax.

[CTA76 s145(5)]

974. —The priority attaching to assessed taxes under sections 98 and 285 of the Companies Act, 1963 , shall apply to corporation tax.

Application of sections 964 (2), 980(8) and 981 for purposes of corporation tax.

[CTA76 s140(2), s147(1) and (2) and Sch2 PtII par6 and par12]

975. —(1) Subsection (2) of section 964 shall apply in relation to corporation tax as it applies in relation to income tax, and accordingly the reference in that subsection to income tax shall apply as if it was or included a reference to corporation tax.

(2) Section 980 (8) shall apply for corporation tax as for capital gains tax, and references to capital gains tax in that section shall apply accordingly as if they were or included references to corporation tax.

(3) Section 981 shall apply for the purposes of corporation tax as it applies for the purposes of capital gains tax.