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Chapter I

Role of Universities

Role of Universities

40. —(1) Without prejudice to the objects and functions of a university under the Act of 1997, a university shall co-operate with and give all reasonable assistance to the Authority in carrying out its functions.

(2) A university may advise the Authority on the exercise of its functions under section 8 , in so far as those functions relate to the university.

(3) A university shall provide such information as the Authority may from time to time require for the purposes of the performance of the functions of the Authority.

(4) A university may apply to the Further Education and Training Awards Council or the Higher Education and Training Awards Council to have programmes of education and training which it provides, organises or procures validated by either such Council, as appropriate.

(5) In performing its functions under sections 35 and 49(b) of the Act of 1997, An tÚdarás shall consult with the Authority.