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15 2008

Dublin Transport Authority Act 2008

Chapter 5

Research and Information


72 .— The Authority may—

(a) promote and engage in research in relation to any of its functions, either alone or in co-operation with other persons, and

(b) allocate moneys and make payments to persons in relation to such research.

Information, data and statistics.

73 .— (1) The Authority shall—

(a) collect, compile, analyse and prepare information, data or statistics, including that or those gathered by ticketing systems operated by public transport operators in the GDA, for the purpose of exercising its functions, and

(b) on a regular basis, publish information, data or statistics on—

(i) numbers of persons using differing modes of transport,

(ii) satisfaction levels with public passenger transport services,

(iii) travel times to work, and

(iv) such other matters as the Authority considers appropriate in respect of its functions.

(2) The Minister may give a direction to the Authority to collect, compile, prepare and publish such information, data or statistics that he or she may specify in writing to the Authority regarding the performance of the Authority in exercising its functions.

(3) The Minister shall consult the Authority, and may consult any other person he or she considers appropriate, before giving a direction under subsection (2).

(4) The Authority may require a person who holds information, data or statistics relating to the functions of the Authority, to give to the Authority such information, data or statistics in such form (including electronic form) and at such reasonable times or intervals, as the Authority specifies.

(5) Save as otherwise provided by law, the Authority shall ensure commercially sensitive information obtained under this section is not disclosed.