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50 1931



Clearance Orders.

1. A clearance order shall be in the prescribed form and shall describe by reference to a map the area to which it applies, and shall fix by reference to the date on which it becomes operative the period not being less than twenty-eight days from that date, within which the local authority require the buildings in the area to be vacated for the purposes of demolition, and for that purpose may fix different periods as respects different buildings.

2. Before submitting the order to the Minister the local authority shall—

(a) publish in one or more newspapers circulating within their district a notice in the prescribed form stating the fact of such order having been made and describing the area comprised therein and naming a place where a copy of the order and of the map referred to therein may be seen at all reasonable hours; and

(b) serve on every owner, lessee and occupier (except tenants for a month or a less period than a month) of any building included in the area to which the order relates and so far as it is reasonably practicable to ascertain such persons, on every mortagee thereof, a notice in the prescribed form stating the effect of the order and that it is about to be submitted to the Minister for confirmation, and specifying the time within and the manner in which objections thereto can be made.

3. So soon as may be after the required notices have been given, the local authority shall submit the order to the Minister for confirmation.

4. If no objection is duly made by any of the persons upon whom notices are required to be served, or if all objections so made are withdrawn, the Minister may, if he thinks fit, confirm the order with or without modification; but in any other case he shall, before confirming the order, cause a public local inquiry to be held and shall consider any objection not withdrawn and the report of the person who held the inquiry, and may then confirm the order, either with or without modification: provided that the order as confirmed by the Minister shall not apply to any building to which the order would not have applied if it had been confirmed without modification.

5. The Minister may confirm an order notwithstanding that the effect of the modifications made by him in excluding any buildings from the clearance area is to sever that area into two or more separate and distinct areas, and in any such case the provisions of this Act relating to the effect of an order when confirmed and to the proceedings to be taken subsequent to the confirmation thereof shall apply as if those areas formed one clearance area.