First Previous (SECOND SCHEDULE Forms of Memorandum of Association of a Public Limited Company)

13 1983





Provisions of the Companies Act, 1963

Extent of repeal

Section 2(1) (General provision as to interpretation) ________________________

Definitions of “statutory meeting” and “statutory report”.

Section 19 (Conclusiveness of certificate of incorporation) ________________________

Entire section.

Section 48 (Restriction on alteration of terms mentioned in prospectus or statement in lieu of prospectus)________________________

Entire section.

Section 63 (Power to issue shares at a discount)

Entire section.

Section 130 (Statutory meeting and statutory report) _______________________________

Entire section.

Section 149 (Contents and form of accounts; computation and treatment of profits and losses) ________________________

Subsection (6).

Section 213 (Circumstances in which a company may be wound up by the court) __________

Paragraph (b).

Section 215 (Provisions as to applications for winding up) ________________________

Paragraph (b).

Section 216 (Powers of court on hearing petition) ________________________

Subsection (2).

First Schedule, Table A, Part I ____________

In regulation 11 the words “, and the company shall also have a first and paramount lien on all shares (other than fully paid shares) standing registered in the name of a single person for all moneys immediately payable by him or his estate to the company.”.

First Schedule, Tábla A, Part I ____________

In regulation 11 the words “, agus beidh túslian ceannasach ag an gcuideachta freisin ar gach scair (seachas scaireanna láníoctha) a bheidh cláraithe in ainm duine aonair le haghaidh an airgid uile is iníoctha láithreach aige féin, nó ag a eastát, leis an gcuideachta”.

First Schedule, Table D __________________

Part II.


Provisions of the Companies (Amendment) Act, 1982

Extent of repeal.

Section 3 (Particulars to be delivered with memorandum) ______________________

Subsection (6).